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I started using Young Living Oils in 2007 when my sister gave me a Raindrop Kit.  At the time I truly did not know what to do with it.  Being a Licensed Massage Therapist I finally played the DVD that was included in the kit.  I thought WOW I could integrate Raindrop into my massage business.  And that is what I did!  I started using the essential oils on all of my clients and started seeing some Awesome changes. I converted many of clients from receiving Deep Tissue Massage to receiving Raindrop. My clients loved the oils and many wanted to know how to get them.

Needing more information I took a CARE Intensive from The Center of Aromatherapy Research & Education.  I took the training and became a Fully Certified Care Instructor.  I now travel the Pacific Northwest, into the Mid West and Alaska and teach Raindrop, Vitaflex, Chemistry of Essential Oils, History of Anointing With OIls and Emotional Release with oils.  I've been teaching for CARE since 2008.

If that wasn't enough I started classes with Dr. Christi Bonds-Garrett in Paducah, Kentucky.  Dr. Bonds-Garrett is a MD and practices family medicine.  She does integrated medicine and has created the AromaSounds sound healing program.  I am presently an Aroma Sounds Instructor and travel around teaching Vibrational Raindrop-Planetary Classic and Vibrational Raindrop-Bible Oils.  We use Gary Young's Raindrop Technique from the Dallas Convention in 2000.

I am located in Sandpoint, Idaho and have had the opportunity to visit the Highland Flats Farm many times.  I've attended Winter Harvest and Reforestation several times.  I can't say enough about Young Livings Seed to Seal program.  One truly has to experience a harvest to see the whole picture of what Young Living is all about.  Planting the seeds/seedlings, harvesting, distilling to bottling the oils!  It is such an Awesome experience I think everyone should experience it!

If you would like more information about the oils or classes that I teach please contact me.